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Sensiwave v. 3

Sensiwave v. 3

Sensiwave – the SaaS software solution specifically designed to enable you to implement your online awareness strategy.

Sensiwave v. 3


Sensiwave is the only solution on the market to combine powerful management for your campaigns and the option of genuinely meaningful personalization of content, creating campaigns which include your chosen modules arranged in exactly the way you want.

TOOLS LIBRARY For course design

Sensiwave also includes a full library of content management tools, giving you a rich set of tools to perform tasks such as creating and personalizing interactive videos.


  • Fully customizable

  • Big Data statistics management

  • Create your own content

  • Works with your organizational structure (decentralized, international)

  • Many languages available

  • Engaging modules: Interactive videos, chatbot, scenario creation


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Sensiwave - Interface graphique repensée

Easy to use

Sensiwave - Bibliothèque de campagnes

On the shelf campaigns library

Sensiwave - Gestion des rôles

Access and role management

Sensiwave - Création simplifiée

Customized landing pages

Sensiwave - messages Responsive


Sensiwave - Bibliothèque de contenus

A large library of modules

Sensiwave - Vidéos interactives

Interactive videos

Sensiwave - Création de Phishing factices

E-mails creator

Statistiques avancées


Sensiwave - Statistiques

… big data based


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