Cybersecurity awareness – Make your employees the strong link of your cybersecurity

What’s at stake

Load up your favorite web search engine, and search for the word “cyberattack”. The result is startling.


Companies, government bodies, local authorities, hospitals, universities, individuals… the already extensive list of cyberattack victims is growing every day.


In the real world, in most places, you can go out, do your shopping, take a walk, and engage in all kinds of activities without being attacked. On the Internet, the situation is completely different.



Our digital world is full of hackers, fraudsters, spies, and all kinds of cybercriminals. It’s fair to describe cyberspace as a cut-throat environment. As soon as you connect a machine to the Internet and start browsing, receiving, and sending e-mails, the following things happen: Your computer will be targeted by a multitude of technical attacks seeking to discover whether an intrusion is possible.


You’ll receive a variety of scam emails, you’ll be targeted by attempts to install various types of malware (viruses and other Trojans), you’ll be approached by different types of scammers on your social networks, etc.

Pirates, escrocs, espions…
Protections antivirus, anti-intrusion, antimalwares…


Of course not. The digital world offers so many advantages, and is transforming our way of life in such profound ways, that giving it up is unimaginable.


So how can you make use of it without becoming another victim of cybercrime?

The good news: Protecting yourself, and avoiding the traps set for you online, isn’t that hard. In most cases, you can protect yourself simply by adopting a few best practices and being aware of what’s at stake.

Cybersecurity awareness

Providing a good understanding of the issues, risks and best practices in cybersecurity, this is the mission that Conscio Technologies has set for itself.


Make your users the strong link of your cybersecurity!


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