Cybersecurity awareness – Make your employees the strong link of your cybersecurity



Your cybersecurity awareness campaign in a few clicks.



Become self-sufficient in launching and tracking your information security training campaign with a user-friendly platform and ready-to-use access portals.


It only takes a few minutes to launch an awareness campaign and comply with the requirements of your industry.

RapidAwareness – the “turnkey” solution for taking on this challenge, easily and in just 20 minutes!

In record time, and without the need for special skills, the extremely easy-to-use RapidAwareness solution lets you:

  • implement and deploy an IT Security training course in just a few clicks;
  • take advantage of ready-to-use access portals, pre-recorded messages and reminders;
  • measure and assess buy-in for the initiative.

Ready-to-use awareness campaigns

RapidAwareness is an extremely simple online awareness campaign solution that enables you to implement and distribute ready-to-use IT security training, in record time and without the need for special skills.

RapidAwareness – turnkey awareness campaigns for immediate action

Lastly, our SaaS awareness solution makes it easier for companies to achieve compliance and develop a better digital security culture