Cybersecurity awareness – Make your employees the strong link of your cybersecurity


In order to implement awareness campaigns, Conscio Technologies designed two softwares.

Solutions logicielles


The global solution in order to implement your awareness strategy as you wish. A turnkey solution that allows customers customizing in details, launching, and managing awareness campaigns.

Rapid Awareness


The simplest way to implement your campaigns from off-the-shelf campaigns.

Sensiwave ou RapidAwareness

Sensiwave or RapidAwareness

If you want to benefit from a solution which allows you to customize your awareness environment, your campaigns and your modules,  and to launch campaigns all over the year, you will choose Sensiwave.


If you want. to benefit from a simple solution, allowing you to launch a campaign within minutes, at an affordable price, based on off-the-shelf campaigns, you will choose RapidAwareness.

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