Sensiwave: tailor-made solution for IT security awareness

Your company must meet and comply with regulatory requirements imposed on you ? We are at your side to support this change with our tailor-made solution for IT security awareness!

Sensiwave, awareness courses to educate on the IT security best practices: 100% customizable and editable.

  • Our solution

    A tailored SaaS solution that fits your industry, your issues of the moment and that integrates your brand and values.
    Your organization must communicate on strategic issues, dealing with risk and new standards (ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, personal data) . To meet these challenges, you need to educate your staff to a number of IT security and privacy rules:

    To change behavior and thus, ultimately, employee culture, it is necessary to combine 3 types of actions with a playful approach: Communication – Awareness – Training
    We offer you customized and powerful tools to raise awareness smoothly: Simplicity, relevance, attractiveness.
    You have all the keys in hand to implement your custom campaign:

    3D sketches :  create your own sketches, choose your media and organize your storyboard.

    ScenaRisk : create and manage your career sketches through scenarios developed through « real life » situations and  characters. At the end of the sketch, a quiz offers the user to react to the scenario .

    Pool : develop your own poll and easily access all of the results

    :create and manage quizzes in different forms to quickly and efficiently interact with your employees

    : mix different media for a customized script that will change the employee within his own ‘Serious Game’
    So, your methods, ready, change!

    Thanks to the richness and the high level of interactivity of its scenarios, Sensiwave is a truly engaging communication medium, promoting user adoption of expected behavior. Therefore, it is the most diffused solution.
    What could be safer than a tailor-made solution for IT security awareness to comply with regulatory requirements?

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  • Manual

    1 / Set all your specific elements to your campaign

    Sensiwave has many features allowing you to easily create your awareness portals but also to manage many parameters.

    2 / Fit the brackets to the context of your business

    Awareness SecuritySensiwave supports are highly customizable. The content and the graphic can be adapted to the specific context of your business.

    3 / Measure real-time feedback of your awareness campaign

    Sensiwave extract your campaign results as statistics and customized reports: a real tool to measure the success of your campaigns.
    To date, more than 40 key accounts and 500,000 benefit from Sensiwave’s solution. And you, what are you waiting?

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  • Case Study

    Sensibilisation à la sécurite informatique

    The Department of Aisne educates its 2800 agents in IT security in relying on Sensiwave, Conscio Technologies

    As part of its modernization and in order to protect its interests and its activities, the Department of the Aisne has implemented since 2007 a ​​strong security policy for transforming employees into agents of change.

    The objectives were to sensitize 2800 agents to the issues of security and data confidentiality, to ensure users respect of privacy and to build confidence in the departmental administration and that, through a playful approach and participatory.

    Indeed, disseminate good practices in security and privacy must necessarily pass through an attractive vector to the attention of all. Real strategic challenge  the IT security awareness campaigns are raised both by the IT team, CEO that functional departments.

    Changing behavior through fun playful awareness campaigns with Conscio Technologies
    Sensiwave was selected in 2007 for its innovative approach to education. Its unifying approach was to base the choice of the Department who had not found as playful technical means to deploy the project. A first deployment is then performed and met a major success with all employees .
    With its flexible architecture, Sensiwave is tailored to each audience and refers to the safety aspects related to their activity. The solution indeed address more than 126 jobs with problems, issues and different vocabulary.
    The first Sensiwave IT security awareness campaign has mobilized 40 % of the Department staff. Since the participation rate continues to be strengthened; especially as these  » punch  » actions are accompanied by a blog dedicated to these issues of security and confidentiality.
    The use of Sensiwave platform has also assessed the impact of the information presented , to identify areas controlled by employees and potential points of seizing. These statistics are fundamental to perceive the degree of adherence and adapt the curriculum in time.

    Hervé Fortin: «One of the main strengths of this project lies in the high degree of adhesion of employees and even more resistant which have become prescribers. This is explained by the progressive approach of the tool and its ability to transform the user player. It is therefore no longer a constraint but rather a shared playful educational approach and granted by our staff».

    Raise awareness to guard against the resurgence of viral attacks

    Given the increase in virus attacks, Hervé Fortin worked on creating vertical custom campaigns via Sensiwave (child protection, health data, professional secrecy, confidentiality… ).

    Hervé Fortin can rely on 76 ready to use thematic skits to effectively drive awareness campaigns in a fun way to « new generation »security and privacy problematic.
    Based on this success, the IT Department of the Aisne Department has extended campaigns on topics such as the Net hazards at home or Mailbox.

    «Today, it is clear that the behavior of our agents has changed. They realize the importance of the « dangers » because the playful skits awareness offer much better results in terms of commitment and adaptation to the risk that corporate presentations », précise Hervé Fortin.

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    You can also audit the maturity level of your employees with ISAM – Information Security Awareness Meter.