RapidAwareness: ready to use IT security awareness campaigns

Secure your business activities with RapidAwareness: the ready to use IT security awareness campaign, that educates your employees to risk behaviors.

RapidAwareness is an innovative IT security awareness solution which is accessible online in SaaS mode. Simple, clear and easy-to-use, RapidAwareness incorporates awareness-raising campaigns designed to meet international standards and the demands of certification audits (such as ISO, PCI, HIPAA, …).

  • Our solution

    RapidAwareness, online awareness campaigns for an immediate result!


    Our awareness SaaS solution simplifies your compliancy strategy and will help you develop a better digital security culture.



    To change behavior and thus, ultimately, employee culture, it is necessary to combine 3 types of actions with a playful approach : CommunicationAwarenessTraining

    Our IT security awareness solution provides a pragmatic and playful approach to raise quickly, efficiently and without dedicating an internal resource, your employees with the good practices in terms of security and confidentiality and thus enable you to be compliant to the regulatory standards.


    The human factor at the heart of the action to maintain the agility of each and of the organization.
    Comply with regulatory requirements (ISO27001, PCIDSS, HIPAA or the new European regulations on personal data) is a tedious and recurrent challenge; like that of your staff awareness of the risks of their behavior.
    RapidAwareness responds to this challenge by letting you quickly and easily comply with different regulatory requirements and successfully pass your audits.

    Extremely simple, RapidAwareness will offer you in record time and without special competence, to :

      • Implement and deploy in a few clicks an IT security training session
      • Enjoy ready access portals to employment, pre-recorded messages and reminders
      • Measure and assess the adhesion and results of the action

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  • Manual

    1 – Select the theme of your awareness campaign

    RapidAwareness offers 5 thematic outreach designed to meet international standards and requirements for certification audits.

    2 – Customize the email invite and log your users


    With RapidAwareness, download in a few clicks the email addresses of your employees involved in the awareness campaign.

    3 – Measure in real-time the success of your awareness campaign

    RapidAwareness extracts your campaign statistics and your customized reports, so you benefit from real tools to measure the success of your campaigns.


    It’s simple


    Become autonomous in initiating and monitoring your IT security awareness campaign with a simple platform.

    It’s fast

    Only a few minutes to upload an awareness campaign and comply with the requirements of your industry.

  • Case study

    Accounting firm, Fleuret Associates chooses Ra
    fleuret-associes-confidentialite-des donneespidAwareness solution to establish a real policy of information security and data privacy with its teams.
    Fleuret Associates has a client portfolio of 1600 managed by 60 employees at 4 different locations. In 2011, the Group undertook a growth strategy which requires the modernization of its communication process and customer management. An awareness campaign for digital communication is then essential to ensure good continuity of its activities.
    Focussing on security of financial data, this first RapidAwareness campaign has been sent to all Group levels of responsibility : from the founder of the reception staff.

    The RapidAwareness campaign, set up in less than an hour allowed, through its playful skits, to make an immediate change in behavior, with a consideration of the bases of the culture of security and data confidentiality.
    On the user side, the campaign (completed in less than 40 minutes) was highly appreciated for its novelty in terms of format and its ability to raise awareness in a fun way on the often forgotten basic. Element also appreciated: the ability to stop the session and resume it on the fly without having to start from the beginning, allowing employees to manage customer emergencies.

    « The solution has enabled us quickly and at once, to measure our employees knowledge of digital and physical security. The fun approach of these « trainings »offered us to specify the security policy issues, from the basics to finally raise awareness on more specific topics, such as financial data, that it induces in terms of liability, banking privacy etc …  » concludes Malika Ladouari.

    With these results, Fleuret is currently working on a second outreach component. It will educate employees about the « Essential » again but also educate teams on new strategic issues such as passwords or confidential documents.

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    You can also audit the maturity level of your employees with
    ISAM – Information Security Awareness Meter.