Who we are

Conscio Technologies is a specialist in cybersecurity awareness training.

Since 2007, we have been working alongside CISOs, IS managers and DPOs to help them develop a genuine culture of Cybersecurity. Our goal is to help employees make the transition from being the weak links to the strong links in their information system.

These CISOs, IS managers and DPOs turn to Conscio Technologies when they:

  • Wish to create a stronger information protection and cybersecurity culture in their organization,
  • Face increasing numbers of incidents linked to behavioral failures on the part of one or more users,
  • Need to be able to demonstrate to their customers and partners that their employees are focused on protecting their information,
  • Need to comply with various regulations or laws,
  • Have already conducted a number of awareness initiatives, but understand the need to intensify their efforts and maintain them over time,
  • Wish to be part of an ongoing, measurable improvement process,
  • Wish to improve the efficiency and success rate of their awareness campaigns.

Conscio Technologies takes charge of employee awareness training, simplifying the process for you.

Conscio Technologies also gives you:

  • A library of nearly 70 continuously updated modules,
  • Software solutions – Sensiwave and RapidAwareness – designed and developed by Conscio Technologies for the purpose of implementing awareness campaigns,
  • A Customer Success team that works hand in hand with our customers and has considerable experience in implementing awareness projects,
  • A team dedicated to the development of new content, refreshing and updating this content for our customers and providing the option of creating specific content,
  • More than 200 projects conducted and awareness training delivered to more than a million employees,
  • A tried and tested approach illustrated by the “Strong Link” white paper and presented in the form of themed deliverables.