Audit ISAM – Information Security Awareness Meter

Do you know the level of awareness of your Employees in terms of security? Conscio Technologies offers you today the ability to audit their awareness thanks to our Information Security Awareness Meter.

Cybercriminals are innovating every day and will whatever is possible to impede the smooth running of your business! Knowing that in 70 % of cases they use weakness or ignorance of an employee, it is essential to bring your people to a sufficient level of information security maturity.

What is the situation within your organization?

Conscio Technologies offers an innovative way to measure the maturity of an organization with ISAM, a complete security audit.

Audit the maturity level of your employees with ISAM – Information Security Awareness Meter, our audit solution that scans the habits of your employees in terms of online security.

This Information Security Awareness barometer analyzes the information security culture of a company before providing an assessment of results and a detailed action plan to improve security.

The online survey can quickly and effectively assess the maturity of employees on information security via:

  • a ready to use online interface
  • an assessment of the company’s employees on 3-axis: sensitivity, knowledge and behavior
  • a fun quiz with thirty questions
  • current topics: legal, malware, mobility, work environment, passwords, Social Engineering, …
  • a comprehensive assessment and detailed recommendations for implementing internal awareness training

« It occurred to me that the analysis by the Conscio Technologies went far beyond my expectations. Beyond a simple statistical analysis, it offered me a sociological analysis of the maturity of our staff. On the basis of that analysis, we will now provide our staff with more targeted communications » confirms Thierry Autret, Groupement des Cartes Bancaires.

There is evidence that business by establishing an outreach strategy saves 72% on the cost of security incidents.

Audit now the level of awareness of your employees and make sure the good practices are transmitted in your business !

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