Confidentiality of personal data

Conscio Technologies has developed an awareness program dedicated to confidentiality of personal data to meet the requirements of the CNIL.

Indeed, personal data are protected by the Data Protection Act. Disclosure or misuse is likely to affect the rights to privacy and freedom of people.

The objective of this course on confidentiality of personal data is to educate your employees on the issues and risks related to the processing of personal data within the company.

A leak of confidentiality of personal data can seriously damage the brand image of your company.

Some basic reminders:

  • All employees are required to handle personal customer data.
  • Our own personal data are also processed by our employer also in our professional record.
  • Respect for privacy is a fundamental right in our society.
  • Anyone with access to personal data must ensure that right and to respect the obligations dictated by law.

This new interactive and educational journey of awareness is an ideal support for the training of your employees best practices regarding privacy of personal data.

Lasting 20 minutes, our skits can cover most of the topics.

The campaign covers the following topics :

  • Risks related to the processing of personal data (DCP )
  • DCP processing and sensitive data
  • Legal framework for the protection of DCP
  • Obligations of a data controller
  • Rights of those facing the processing of their DCP
  • Protection DCP daily
  • Role of CIL and / or CNIL referent
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