Cybersecurity awareness

Make your users the strong link of your cybersecurity

A 2016 study by the Aberdeen company found that by increasing employee maturity in terms of cybersecurity, the number of incidents can be reduced by 60%.

This makes the decision to improve your employees’ cybersecurity awareness an obvious one.

For more than 12 years, Conscio Technologies has been supporting its customers in implementing cybersecurity awareness programs.


Conscio Technologies offers an extensive cybersecurity library:


Cybersecurity Basics:

This course provides your employees with the fundamentals of information security: password, information protection, phishing, the GDPR concept, cybersecurity when on the move, social engineering and physical security. It consists of around twenty sketches and quizzes. Each sketch addresses a specific topic in the form of a scenario containing a quiz. The answer to the quiz provides an opportunity for an explanation on the subject in question.

“VideoQuiz” microlearning capsules:

These are capsules lasting approximately 5 minutes each, consisting of a 2/3-minute video followed by a 2/3-minute quiz. This short, punchy format lets you deliver regular awareness campaigns which are easily remembered and have minimal impact on overloaded schedules.

Conscio Technologies’ content creation team is constantly developing new capsules of this type.

The Cyber hero courses

With these modules, you can become your company’s cyber hero. Through a series of 8 challenges, learners take on missions that will enable them to master various cybersecurity topics.

Employees have to complete 8 missions, each dealing with a key cybersecurity issue such as Malicious Code, Social Engineering, Phishing, Workstations, Passwords, Information Security, Cybersecurity When on the Move and Physical Security, etc.

The aim: to help their co-workers to avoid making mistakes in typical everyday work situations, using a set of virtual scenarios.

Their role: to protect your company from the cyber threats it faces every day.

Each mission lasts 10 minutes and consists of an introductory video on the subject in question, then 4 sketch scenarios, followed by a quiz asking the employee to decide whether the situation is a risky one and to take action, where necessary, to help their colleague adopt best practice.

The course is personalized to suit employees’ existing knowledge: if they succeed in their mission, the course ends with a short summary video, but if they fail, they will be shown a full explanatory video.

Empower your staff and increase their commitment by making them stakeholders in the company’s cyber health. The engagement and preparatory work included in this course encourage real-life adoption of the expected behaviors.

The “Funny But Serious” videos

In terms of cybersecurity, user awareness is key. However, making users aware of their actions and changing their behavior is no easy task. Therefore, a fresh perspective and approach is needed.

That’s why Conscio Technologies has created a new content range: “Funny But Serious”. This consists of a series of humorous and hard-hitting short videos (1 minute each), which cover potential scenarios. Each video shows what can happen when security rules are not followed. This accessible format effectively highlights the potential serious consequences of poor cybersecurity awareness.

With the benefit of no dialogue or text, these can be used in any country.

Available in MPEG4 format, these videos can be used as they are, on an Intranet site, projected during a meeting or included in an E-learning course.

Test phishing messages

Sensiwave natively includes a fake phishing message sending function at no extra cost.

This function lets you test your staff’s resistance to phishing emails.

You simply need to: use a message from the library, or create your own

Sensiwave subscribers can use the existing message library and edit them, or add their own templates using the Sensiwave HTML editor.

Specific domain names are provided for message sending addresses, as are the URLs used in the messages.

Sensiwave lets you create as many oops pages as you want.
They are the pages to which people are directed after clicking on the fake phishing message. They contain information that needs to be passed on to people who have fallen victim.

It is possible to create input forms to take the testing process a little further for users who then go on to enter personal information. Of course, none of this information is stored.

ISAM: A tool for assessing cybersecurity maturity levels

Audit your employees’ maturity levels with ISAM – Information Security Awareness Meter, our solution for auditing employees’ online security habits.

The online survey provides a quick, practical assessment of employee maturity in terms of information security via:

  • A ready-to-use online interface
  • An assessment of company employees on three levels: sensitivity, knowledge and behavior
  • A quiz of about 25 questions, depending the year’s version
  • Current topics: legal aspects, malicious code, CEO fraud, cybersecurity when on the move, work environment, passwords, social engineering, etc.

ISAM is a powerful measurement resource which assesses the current situation, sets goals and measures actions taken so far… and thus enable comparisons.

ISAM is also a great way of raising awareness at Board level.